What It Costs to Run Beautiful Voyager Every Month


Site Hosting – $8

Basic website hosting.

Email – $10

In addition to site costs, I pay $110 a year for “G-Suite” – which is how I get my email address at bevoya.com.

Forum – $10

You are reading this right now on the forum. I paid $100 for an initial installation of this discussion forum, and now pay $10/month in server costs.

Newsletter – $8

My newsletter service. There are free mail services, but I love the UX and the community of Revue.

Medium – $5

I edit a publication on Medium called Invisible Illness. It currently have 25K followers. As a result, a lot of people find Beautiful Voyager through Medium (it’s usually our #1 referrer). I am a paid subscriber to Medium for $5 a month to show support and leadership on that platform.

Marketplace Shop Hosting – $29 + $10

In early June, I launched a new place for readers to buy products or set up their own shops on Bevoya. It’s called a marketplace. The Shopify basic plan = $29. In order to use my Shopify plan, I need an app to convert my shop into a marketplace using an app called Multi Vendor Marketplace. That costs = $10.

My goal for the marketplace is to make at this total each month. Once I achieve it, I’ll use any profits to grow Beautiful Voyager. When I can, I’ll spend money on targeted advertising on Google Adwords.

Conclusion: TOTAL is currently $80/month.


Each month, I’ll do a summary of what we earned on the marketplace so we can see how we’re tracking towards the goal. This first month was a very quiet, beta launch.

MAY 2017

1 The Best Pillbox
3 Brand New Lighthouse T-Shirts



JUNE 2017

5 Brand New Lighthouse Shirt
3 The Best Pillbox
1 Weighted Blanket

$25 via Bevoya.com
$10 via Marketplace
$100 via Marketplace
$50 via Bevoya.com
$10 via Marketplace

TOTAL SO FAR: $277.50 (profits from sales, etc)

June goal achieved! May goal achieved made up! :smile: On to July!!!

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JULY 2017 // Goal: $117

2 Brand New Lighthouse Shirt

TOTAL: $44 + 43 (from June) = $87
Didn’t make goal :frowning:


AUGUST 2017 // Goal: $117

$50 via Bevoya.com
1 Best BV Shirt
1 The Best Pillbox

TOTAL: $64.50

Didn’t make goal :frowning:


SEPTEMBER 2017 // Goal: $117

1 Best BV Shirt
2 The Best Pillbox

TOTAL: $16.30

Really didn’t make goal :frowning:


OCTOBER 2017 // Goal: $117

1 Best BV Shirt
3 paid sponsorship links placed on site from Betterhelp
1 Weighted Blanket sold

TOTAL: $105 + $1.94 made as a writer on Medium (I know! ha!) – Just short of monthly total!


NOVEMBER 2017 // Goal: $117

1 Pillbox
1 Best BV Shirt
2 Weighted Blanket sold

TOTAL: $58


DECEMBER 2017 // Goal: $117 (Note: In a reassessment of needs, I cut costs to $80 on Dec 26, so goal moving forward will be $80/month).

22 Weighted Blankets sold

TOTAL: $500

Incredible month. Goal hit, plus I can start paying writers to write with the overflow.

In search of a new contributing writer

JANUARY 2018 // Goal: $80

8 Weighted Blankets sold