The Spire (similar to a Fitbit, but for emotions)


My sister-in-law (once removed) asked if I had heard of this new gadget when she saw it advertised on Facebook:

I told her I had – in fact, I have one sitting at home collecting dust. I have meant to write about my thoughts about the Spire, so this is as good a time as any to share my experience.

Sept 2016

I was sent a new Spire by a friend who worked at the company (he no longer does). I was excited to try it! I did what you do, and put a photo on Instagram.

First impressions

The packaging is nice, but feels like overkill.

It was hard for me to figure out where to put the Spire on my body. Eventually I figured out it should go on my bra, tucked into my cleavage. I couldn’t imagine keeping it on my waistband, but that could just be my body.


I didn’t “get it” for a while. I wasn’t sure what the Spire was telling me. It would buzz as a “calm” notification (you could set the notifications you wanted), but I didn’t know what that meant.

I also found that sometimes it would interrupt me when I was being calm to remind me that I was.

I felt like I needed to have a really clear sense of my goals to use this device. Was I looking to teach my body how to feel calm? If so, did I need it to alert me when I was in a calm state? Felt counterintuitive.

I think the Spire might be better for someone who doesn’t meditate regularly. It was bulky and when I wore a cross-strap purse with it, it made my shirt pill up in the place it bumped out.

I had a hard time figuring out how to set my intention around the Spire, and am not sure it brought more calm to my life. Like with many gadgets, I think it may have just added more complication to it. But I could see it working for someone else. I’d love to hear from that person!