Relationship of histamines and anxiety?


A friend shared this article on Facebook:

I tuned in to these lines in particular: “While the exact cause of anxiety in the brain is still unclear, anxiety disorders have been linked to an imbalance of the chemical serotonin, your brain’s natural mood stabilizer. A lower than average level of serotonin in the brain is observed in patients with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. One of the subsets of antihistamines, Hydroxyzine, blocks the H1 receptor, a histamine receptor of the central nervous system. However, it also blocks serotonin receptors in the same area. By blocking serotonin receptors, more serotonin stays in the bloodstream, temporarily raising serotonin levels and inducing a state of sedation.”

I remember as a kid that my mother would talk about my histamines being out of whack. It’s strange how much we knew back then without really knowing anything…

Anyone else experience anxiety relief with an antihistamine like Allegra-D?