Poetry by Spike Milligan


While this isn’t a book directly, Spike Milligan wrote plenty of books of poetry for kids and I loved it. I found a website where you can read a bunch of the poems, but if you’re looking for enjoyable light reading for kids Spike Milligan is great.



Love this and loved that you shared it @thecrucialbrett. And googling Spike Milligan – wow what a background. This guy is so up my alley. An early performing partner of Peter Sellers who played music, wrote, and performed on 1950s Goon Show? Then experienced a mental breakdown in a time when people didn’t understand them at all? He’s a BV for sure.

Thank you for letting me know that Spike Milligan is someone I need to get to know…

Did you ever notice that this is the Children’s Book Club for Adults? Your entry is just perfect for that. It’s a place where I’m hoping people will share awesome children’s books that are easy to discuss but with profound topics. Great discussion fodder, but not overwhelming…


Yeah he was a great man. I was a huge fan of one of his kids poetry books when I was a kid. My favourite was one about a python. Something like…
Hello Mr Python
Curling 'round the tree
I bet you’d like to make yourself a dinner out of me
Can’t you change your habits
Crushing people’s bones
I wouldn’t like a dinner that emitted fearful groans