Phenibut--Have you heard of it?


Someone on the BV Slack room said, “I’m seeing an increasing number of kids on Reddit buying “phenibut” online. It’s the Russian equivalent of Xanax and happens to not be banned by the FDA yet. It’s really sad because it’s super addictive, and creates real problems for people.”

Have you heard about this? Tried it? Would love to learn more.


Scary. Kids buying drugs without completely understanding what they’ll do now and in the future to them, is a parents worst nightmare.


It really is. I remember buying birth control pills at one point on the internet thinking I was saving money in my early 20s…so dumb. We don’t know any better.


OK I am still thinking about Phenibut. Check this out:

I guess you can take anything recreationally, but social anxiety meds seem like an esp weird choice. Makes me wonder if people are taking them who actually need them and they’re just self-dosing and calling it recreational.


To me it sounds a lot like these people should be seeking professional medical advice. There’s clearly more going on in their life if they feel the need to use unprescribed medications to try and solve their issues.


I think a lot of people don’t realize it. It’s like when you’re drinking too much. You don’t really know you’re doing it because you feel bad. You just think it’s making you feel good (tho it’s not), you know?