Opening Up Too Many Tabs In Browser


This was a question in our Slack channel a couple of days ago. Many people had thoughts about this one.

I have an issue with closing tabs and other open files on my computer. I keep them open for so long thinking that there’s unfinished work there. Until I eventually open the tabs again to realize I don’t even remember why I opened it in the first place. But then I leave it open worrying I have unfinished work there and I might end up forgetting it. I’m trying to figure out how to stop this behavior and am trying to just close the tabs at the end of each day, if not at the end of each session of computer use. Because that’s what I eventually end up doing after a few months of keeping it open.

There were some great responses to this one…Turns out it’s a common issue that many people have. Would love to hear YOUR thoughts, if you have them. How would you deal with this?


And here was my response:

It’s all about learning new habits.

Here’s how you give Toby a try: