In the newsletter I’m about to send out, I make the argument that we need to consider how to desensitize ourselves to the urge to gain “likes” on social media. This is a place to discuss the topic a little more.


Mainly, dear HBIC at BV - I am writing to encourage you to continue finding your way through the being “liked”…
Because I’m vintage, I’m used to just writing and posting because that thing in my head needs to come out. Sharing thoughts or ideas or opinions makes ME feel better. Makes me feel more connected and synched with people in general - not my natural state.
As the oft mentioned outsider early on in my family structure and thusly in life, I’m cool with not needing any validation; thankfully a skill that has done me well across the old trips around the sun.
My message is simply to trust your you. Do what helps you. Sharing is clearing out your mental closet. Fuck those ‘likes’. You like yourself, that’s the ticket!


I love what you’re saying about the importance of sharing @Brittany_Rudd. This is such a good point: “I’m used to just writing and posting because that thing in my head needs to come out.”

I think one of the reasons I created the BV is because I think a lot of people feel that way, but the entire situation gets messed up on the back end: How people read (or don’t read) what you’ve written, how many likes. I see the effect of responding to likes in the media world a lot. Gunning for likes eventually changes what you think about…and that’s weird.

I like the #LikeFreeMovement and hope it makes others think about breaking that cycle.

Thank you for writing!