Lessons from the Early Days of My Father's Dementia


I wrote this post to share my experiences with others. I’d love to create a space for others to share what they are in the middle of learning, learned, or wish they knew ahead of time. Let’s help each other.


My husband’s mother was just diagnosed last week - she’s been having obvious problems for a year already so she’s already been classified as “moderate.” So many different emotions and so many logistics to figure out - plus a lot of fear. Hoping that there are others out there to share experiences/ideas/support with!


@RebeccaSF – You nailed it when you say “so many logistics plus so much fear.”

I remember when I read my father’s test results. Everything was written in black and white in front of me. I knew that he hadn’t been doing well, but seeing that he couldn’t remember exactly how many kids he had…There is nothing that can prepare a person for that, exactly.