Interview with Carl Cincinnato, Host of the Migraine World Summit


I had never heard of the Migraine World Summit until I landed on it in the middle of a deep Google session. I was looking for “latest medications, new treatment models for migraines.”

I thought the idea of bringing together cross-functional experts seemed brilliant. I wanted to learn more about this summit–how it worked, where it was going. I emailed the site to see if I could interview their founder, Carl. Here’s a bit about him:

Carl Cincinnato is a former brand manager for Johnson&Johnson and Unilever who founded the world’s largest conference for migraine and headache patients with tens of thousands of attendees from dozens of countries. Over 30 world leading experts speak at the Migraine World Summit each year in April at
I emailed my questions ahead of time and was sent answers…but I will upload them here as if they are a conversation, the same as other interviews.


Hi Carl, Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions about the great migraine gathering you’ve created. Here is the first.

Question #1: Is the Migraine World Summit the only one of its kind? What made you feel passionate about bringing these people together?


​The Migraine World Summit is the first and only of event of its kind that unites the global migraine community of headache specialists, experts, foundations, advocates and researchers. In 2017, we had 36 speakers and tens of thousands of attendees from over 150 countries attend.

​I struggled with migraine for a long time before I finally found good quality information and support. I owe those people and resources my remission and now I hope to pay-it-forward to help others who may still be trapped by migraine. Education is the first step. Improving your condition starts first with understanding.


I think it’s so great that you had a problem and decided to take such decisive action on it. I couldn’t agree with you more about finding the right information and support. Great work @Carl!

Question #2: ​What are some great ways for people around the world to use online tools to share knowledge about migraines?


​One of the most powerful online tools I would recommend are support groups. So many people I run into feel totally isolated by their migraine condition and many of us realise early-on that most people don’t have any idea what it’s really like and even face discrimination or stigma when migraine is mentioned.

​Therefore we’ve bottled it up which places a heavy burden on any one individual to carry. Joining a migraine support group can be one of the most helpful and validating things you can do. Janet Geddis, The Migraine Girl, said last year at the Summit that you need to find your tribe and support. It can literally save your life.

​Facebook is a great place to start but there are many other free, private options available if you go looking. We also have one for premium members of the Migraine World Summit.


I would love to know what some of your favorite groups are and how specific they are. Example: Is there an anxiety & migraine group? I would love to be in that one.

Next question: Considering what a complex issue migraine really is, with people at every level of awareness about how migraines might be treated, how do you try to get your audiences to a level playing field?


​Everyone is at different stages in their migraine journey, knowledge and understanding. We keep things simple, but we don’t hide from the facts or challenges that might be more difficult to handle. We need to hear the truth and the facts. If something is important to understand to better manage migraine, then we’ll discuss it openly and clearly so that everyone can have a better chance.


You had such a great vision in creating the World Migraine Summit. I’d love to know…

Next question: What is your dream for the future of the summit?


​Our vision to make a measurable difference in the global burden of migraine and raise funds for migraine research.


Last question: When’s the next summit?


​First half of 2018. Exact dates are still to be released.


Thank you so much for spending time answering these questions, @Carl! I hope news of this summit reaches more people and helps others seeking out the latest information about migraines.