How do you *channel* overthinking towards doing something productive?


This was a question asked on the BV Slack group today, and it’s such a great question, I wanted to share it publicly here as well.

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This is a great place to “connect the dots” and note how you got there. Please share!


This is how I responded to this question:

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Here’s what I’m talking about when I say “experiments”:


I used to have trouble with the reeling in of the overthinking. Before a new experience, be it a job, event, appointment or just about anything - in the days leading up anxiety would grow and grow bigger and bigger until at the worst times I’d just psych myself out and hole up whenever possible.
So I realized that wasn’t working.
There was no big epiphany.
I just decided to try and not let the thoughts in as much. When I’d recognize them, I’d switch them to a different mind place. Random. Anything. After awhile it was easier. Though never completely gone away, the overthinking anxiety spiral can be beaten into submission. It’s just about trying not to second guess stuff. Trust all you know to get you where you need.
You probably know a lot!


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Interesting question. I’m gonna keep my answer short, and say that it’s all to do with focus.

Without focusing on something, your mind will wonder and think about everything. Easiest way to quiet your overthinking tendencies is to focus on your breathing. Then expand from there. Sports and the creative arts are great ways to keep your mind focused. Hope this helps!