Have you ever fainted?



I want to gather together stories of people who fainted to help others know it is more common than they may think! Please share your experience on this thread.


I have never actually fainted I have been light headed from huge physical exhersion but thats it :slight_smile:

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I’m glad to hear it! Fainting is confusing as can be. I used to get light headed a lot, but it’s rare for me these days…


Hi! I am a bit of a fainter! I was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope, so standing for too much, heat, blood, needles and pain can make me drop. I was a kid the first time I fainted, but during adolescence it started happening more frequently Now I pretty much have it under control, and it only occurs every once in a while.

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Hi @Fer, Thanks for sharing that! What did you do to get it under control?


Hie @Meredith ! I try to get hydrated, eat salty food and avoid things which I know will make me faint. I also know when it is coming, so sometimes I can avoid it. Still, there are sometimes in which I´ll faint. Have you ever fainted?


I have! I fainted when I was 16 after getting a cortisol shot, then again when I was in my early 30s after my husband has knee surgery, then one more time on the bus in my late 30s. I learned about how vasovagal works, and have learned that there are a bunch of factors for me that go into it, including stress. I find it super interesting, you know?


It is very interesting :slight_smile: I think it is more common than we think