Career Changes: Should You Hire a Coach?


I think people who are undergoing career changes are confused about how to get through them. I know I’ve been in the past. There is a whole huge industry of “coaches” – but what does that mean? I might ask a couple of coaches to come in on this thread and see if they can help clarify when or why people should think about going to a coach when they’re having a career change…


Hey Meredith & the BeVoya community! As a certified life coach, I will say that first off, there are as many different types of coaches as there are people. :slight_smile: The good thing about that is that you are bound to find someone who is a great fit, but are are a few things to start thinking about that will help you find the right coach for you.

  1. What kind of change are you hoping to get out of working with a coach? Career coaches can focus on helping you identify what you might want to do next, or help you improve a current situation or help you make progress /improve your standing (ie. get a promotion) in your current organization. What are you looking to change?

  2. What type of support will help you the most? You know yourself better than anyone and you know what kind of personality or approach you will respond to best. There are coaches who are very focused on results and accountability. There are also coaches who are more focused on mindset and shifting perceptions. There are also other coaches who can help you tackle issues from your past that might be holding you up in the present. There’s no one right approach, but use your instincts and don’t push yourself in one direction for any reason other than it feels right for you. You won’t have success if you’re trying to do what say, a friend says has worked for them but doesn’t fit for you.

  3. How to look for the right coach for you. Once you’ve thought on the above two topics, a great way to start is to ask people who you know who have worked with a coach. But also ask them about the approach of the coach they worked with, and the particular goal they had with that coach. Just because your friend had success with a coach, doesn’t mean that coach is right for you. The next way to start looking for a coach is the good old internet. Search for coaches who specialize in the help you are looking for. Follow them online for awhile, read their blog and request a phone consult. Many offer a free consult to see if there is a fit. As a Certified Courageous Coach, I personally recommend graduates of my own program because I know the training methodology is rigorous and these coaches are ready to meet you exactly where you are and help you grow to where ever it is you want to be. I have a few career-focused coach colleagues I refer out to, you can email me for info: vanessa at flourishon dot com.

Happy to answer any questions here on the blog or via email.


Hey Vanessa this is great advice. I think the most important part of what you said is to not use advice that works for other people, expecting it to work the same for you. Advice is like clothes, in that you have to try stuff on and see what fits best for you.