Building self development, self confidence, self awareness... and other awesome things


Hey folks, I want to share with everyone because I think it can do a lot of good for the Bevoya community, and because it’s 100% free, which is always nice.

Crucendo improves self awareness, self confidence and promotes personal development, through short introspective sessions designed to challenge and encourage you. The sessions are called Crucendos and each one is made up of three questions, which come from a pool of topics that you manage in your subscriptions. Your subscriptions is where you tailor your experience, so that you get questions from areas that you want to focus on. Crucendo also includes a goal and improvement management system, which are called ‘haves’ and ‘wants’. Haves are what you have improved recently, while ‘wants’ are what you want to improve moving forward. Think of ‘wants’ as the goal, with ‘haves’ being the improvements you’ve made along the way to success.

As one of the creators of Crucendo, I’m really excited to share it with the Bevoya community and I want to hear your suggestions, pain points, and successes while using it. Feel welcome to drop them in here, or you can email me directly at