Are cell phones modern day cigarettes?


I’m writing the BV newsletter and linking to this article by Nir Eyal in it:

I take for granted the notion that smartphone technology enables many of the compulsive behaviors we’re seeing on the streets, buses, and restaurants these days. Does that mean that smart phones are modern day cigarettes? What do you think?


Not anywhere close my friend, not anywhere close, cell phones are benign comparatively.

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Tell me more @wmwf ! How do cell phones affect your life? Do you think they lead to more mental health problems?


Not really. Unlike cigarettes, cell phones can be helpful.

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I would love to hear more @BoomDaBoom! It could be argued that cigarettes provided the space for people to chill out during work hours and take a break while talking to other people…and in that, they were actually good for mental health. Whereas cell phones have us all completely absorbed in what’s happening in our phone and not in real life. (It’s just one argument!) I would love to hear how cell phones help or hinder your daily life and interactions…

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Cell phones help me communicate to others, although they can be addicting. They can cause eye problems, but they can help.

Cigarettes, on the other hand, can cause lung diseases. However, I have only heard of the bad effects of cigarettes and I do not know of any advantages of them so I may be wrong.

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