Advice for someone undergoing a career change


Let’s collect good ideas for each other on resources for job pivots or career changes. I started a list on but I actually think a discussion is a much better approach for this topic, which affects (plagues?) so many of us.


Great apps for people who are pivoting careers or changing jobs.


I’d like to contribute a couple of ideas that I hope will add value for our community:

  1. Understand that just because it’s what you always did, doesn’t mean it’s what you’ll always do.
  2. Stay open to learning new things always. You never know what possibilities open up when you add skills.
  3. Don’t settle. When looking for a new job isn’t proving fruitful it’s very easy to lower your standards and take something less than you really want. Don’t do that. Stay focused, keep adding skills that help you to acquire that type of role, and most importantly stay positive.